NYC Tutor Express Philosophy:

At NYC Tutor Express, I strive to make a positive difference in your child’s learning experience by tackling the following common issues:

  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Inability to concentrate for adequate time periods
  • Issues with self-confidence
  • Distractibility

NYC Tutor Express- Reading, Writing, and Test Prep

I want to help your child love to learn because for NYC Tutor Express your child’s success is my top PRIORITY;

P Positive reinforcement for small steps of achievement!
RReaching each child’s full learning potential!
I Individual goals set for each student!
O The Overall student is considered when planning to meet their needs!
R – I welcome Reaching out to me to discuss your child’s progress at any time!
I Interactive activities which engage your child and make learning fun!
T I give students the Tools they need to succeed!
Y You are your child’s strongest advocate!

How to select the right New York City tutor?

One on one attention from the right tutor can make a huge difference in your child’s academic success. The right tutor knows how to make a child feel safe and reassured during the sessions by demonstrating patience and by connecting with the child at his/her level. It is also important to find a tutor who is supportive and compassionate. The right tutor should be able to assess and recognize the specific needs and gaps that need to be addressed. A tutor should be able to teach using methods that engage the child’s interest and capitalize on their strengths. The right tutor can help alleviate a child’s anxiety in mastering specific subject matter, whether it involves learning or test-taking. The right tutor figures out what will motivate your child to succeed recognizes when something is not working and adjusts the teaching methods to accomplish the goals. When your child loses focus, the right tutor will be able to redirect him/her. The right tutor should be able to teach your child a variety of strategies, so your child can gain competence and confidence in the subject area.

Parents are always surprised by how fast a child warms up to me. I have the ability to establish rapport with children quickly as well as to put them at ease. After the very first session, most children leave with a big smile on their face and look forward to their next session with me. I encourage children to not be afraid to take academic risks and I am not judgmental. I believe that mistakes are proof that a child is trying. I am approachable before and after every session and I give regular updates on the progress of your child. I am delighted to help your child love to learn because, for NYC Tutor Express, your child is my top priority.

Need NYC tutoring help for your child with reading and writing?

I use a multi-sensory teaching approach and present it to students using a variety of modalities. All students can benefit from multi-sensory learning techniques because each student processes information differently. I am trained and certified in several excellent reading and writing programs which were designed and developed by experts in the field to boost children’s reading and writing skills. This naturally translates to improved self-esteem and confidence. My experience in teaching can help even the most reticent learners to become super readers and writers. Students are naturally engaged by the creative process and learn to become purposeful writers. I can turn writing “scaredy cats” into writing machines. I can turn any student into a bookworm. Students will learn valuable skills working with me. Nothing makes my day more than seeing students progress with their reading and writing skills. I work to help students understand the context in a way that relates to them as well as engaging them in hands-on activities. I have developed games and strategies to help students with all aspects of reading and writing. I utilize a reward system that helps students to internalize the joy of improving and learning something new, and I incorporate small tangible toy prizes where appropriate. I truly love teaching and working with young students, helping them to discover how much fun learning can be. It takes more than just someone who is an excellent writer or reader to teach writing and reading. Teaching requires flexibility, dedication, insight, and experience. I bring these characteristics to every lesson. I bring enthusiasm and creativity to each and every session.

Does your child need help with test prep?

I make test preparation fun, interactive, and meaningful. I supply all the mind tools a student will need to succeed on test day. Studying for tests can be stressful. I know this because I suffered from test anxiety as a young student! I know how to alleviate a student’s fear with creative alternatives instead of focusing on the “drill and kill” method. Test prep with me is stress-free. I use a variety of games to engage students while preparing for the big test. I also teach children important test taking strategies. I incorporate motivational pep talks into my sessions to ease a child’s test anxiety. I want to help your child reduce their stress level. Breathe, relax, and show your stuff!

I incorporate the latest technology during my sessions utilizing IPAD educational apps as a teaching tool. Students get a different learning experience while using technology. The educational apps I use during tutoring sessions help motivate students to progress while building confidence in their ability to do so. The apps are fun and help hold a child’s interest. My students know that they will work hard, but they WILL succeed. Studies suggest that students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process and not just listening to a lecture. IPADS can encourage a competitive spirit, and they inherently reward a student for progressing to the next level. I choose the apps that I use extremely carefully, making sure that new skills are buttressed by earlier skills learned. I research and review each app to make sure it is educationally sound and age appropriate. The IPAD has a number of unique features that provide for exciting possibilities in teaching and learning. I recently began experimenting with an innovative product, which helps promote focus, fine motor skill development, and muscle memory. It provides a stimulating tactile experience. The unique attachable screen transforms the IPAD into a multi-sensory learning device. We live in a digital age and for better or worse, technology is here to stay. My goal is to use the best technology possible to achieve the best learning possible.

Summer Tutoring Available In New York City

Summer is the time of year where some children are at risk of losing ground in the valuable progress made throughout the year. I make summer tutoring sessions fun. Summer tutoring can be a great time to acquire and reinforce newly developed skills. I also offer enrichment tutoring. I am available to help your child with their summer reading projects, and I also offer writer’s workshop, reader’s workshop, and social skills classes, focusing on the social and emotional aspects of learning.


Cancellation Policy:

Your sessions are very important to me. Time allocated for a tutoring session is reserved especially for YOU. I do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, I respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Notification given at least 24 hours prior to your appointment will receive no charges.Notification given less than 24 hours prior to your tutoring session will result in being charged for your session. Please understand that when you cancel your appointment without sufficient notice, I miss the opportunity to fill that tutoring time for clients who need my tutoring services.

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NYC Tutor Express Philosophy: