NYC Tutor Express specializes in the following skills:

  • Early Education Enrichment – Upper and lower case letter recognition and letter formation, following directions, vocabulary enrichment, and identifying the sounds they hear at the beginning, middle, and end of words
  • Pre-reading skills – Letter/sound recognition, auditory comprehension, open-ended questions, vocabulary enrichment, rhyming, sequencing, predicting, and drawing conclusions.
  • Reading – Phonics, reading fluency, phonemic awareness, oral comprehension, learning different reading strategies, and reading skills.
  • Pre-writing skills – Proper pencil grip, tracing, shape recognition, practicing fine motor activities, crossing the midline
  • Writing – Practicing writing a 5-star sentence, learning different writing strategies, the writing process, pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing.
  • Early numeracy and math skills – Number recognition skills, pre-geometry skills, counting, sorting, matching, shape recognition, color recognition, and number patterns.
  • Reading Comprehension – Questioning, wondering, making connections, and “digging deeper” into the story.
  • Test preparation – Reviewing good study skills, test taking skills, and dealing with test anxiety.
    Organizational Coaching– Teaching time management, organizational strategies and managing “paper madness”

Every winter I offer an intensive 1-week session in remediation and enrichment focusing on:

  • Reader’s workshop
  • Writer’s workshop
  • Social Skills workshop focusing on the social/emotional aspects of learning

Every summer I offer intensive 3-week sessions in remediation and enrichment focusing on:

  • Writer’s workshop
  • Reader’s workshop
  • Social Skills workshop focusing on the social/emotional aspects of learning
  • Summer reading and summer projects


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