Testimonial (J.F.)

I have always been  considering home tutoring for my son Leo who is 3.5 years old now. At the time I started searching for a tutor Leo had just turned 3 and was an active and fidgety toddler, curious, but unwilling to concentrate on a simple task or follow guidelines given by a parent or a teacher.

Albeit being smart as he is, my son definitely needed someone who could teach him all the basic knowledges and give him a head start in early education. Luckily I found Ms Jordana Kline (via online search) who appeared to be the best teacher I could possibly find for Leo.

I can’t praise her enough, and here is why. Throughout the course of several classes I had noticed a huge progress in Leo’s ability to concentrate, fulfill various tasks (to my surprise not only with Mrs. Kline but also with me). We have fallen in love with Mrs. Kline’s classes to the extent where we decided to go on with her tutoring for as long as we can. Leo has started counting, his language got sophisticated, vocabulary per se broadened, Ms. Jordana has taught my son early reading skills (she is an expert in various early reading programs), counting, addition, using his imagination in completing some challenging tasks, proper coloring, writing skills (such as proper pencil grip by pinching), shape recognition, and incorporating multiple gifted and talented tasks in their classes. Not only is she an excellent teacher with all the knowledges you could wish for your child to succeed, but also so much fun for kids to learn with! My son runs to her classes happily and ready for more “brain” adventures and activities.

Obviously, to keep young child’s attention one must be not only smart and have skills to keep their attention span in place but also to be fun to study with!

My son has just gotten so advanced in many respects. I am proud of Leo, I am proud of the results that he has attained, and I am proud to have such a wonderful and experienced teacher beside us. That’s is indeed the best investment I have ever made in my son! Thank you Jordana for being the essential part of Leo’s education process and helping him to navigate through preschool and soon kindergarten waters!